Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Set this up just to see how I get on, a I need some structure and disipline in my life! And I need to vent, rant, help, giggle, make silly comments and show the "world" my insides. Bleugh!

Today I was rather good and did my physio exercises and left the house at 11am.

Not long got back, picked up a birthday card for my beloved, It was a toss up between the one I got him and the one that said "Princess for a day" with a pic of Princess Leia on the front.

Had a walk around the arndale (Well slowly headed towards the exit), picked up a duck wrap, ate half of it, got home and ate my desert (NOM NOM) now just chillin.

I am really enjoying some of my physio exercises, "the step" is my favourite it really gets my heart going. Finding it really hard to find things I can do that really get my blood pumping (minus bedroom olympics of course!) without hurting myself, so going up and down on the bottom step of my staircase is wonderful, life is pretty simple atm, the simple things keep me going.

List includes:
Music (especially cheerful /comedy tunes)
Funny texts from friends,
Having Oli and Geth and Denny and Theo about the house (Guinea pigs don't go out to work :D)
Cloud free blue sky
Talking to strangers at bus stops!
Good TV
Scary films
comfortable bed
my blanket (yeah I have one!)

Things I miss:
My girly friends,
Having a good natter with people in the real life!
Going the pub,
being able to go out on a night out.
Painlessness without brain fog

I really wish my friends would visit me more often, and I could visit them, but hey am working my way there! ;)



Please comment on things that you like, the small simple things, and the things you miss for one reason or other you can't do.


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