Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bisexual Atheist, I am so going to hell!

Wow, so I am going to hell!

If there are two things that get bad press it's atheism and bisexuality.

I am going to compile a nice little list of media misrepresentations of atheism and bisexuality.

Just to my lil readers know, I am not a baby eating succubus!

Ok so here we go, basic instinct...murderous, promiscuous bisexual.
Kate Veatch in dodgeball - slag, sorry having her cake and eating it bisexual (though I love the film!)

ok that's just so far.....will edit laters! Please give my any more people you think should be included

I found this link and was over joyed,so scroll down to the categories and find one you like This website is addictive. and

My sis says she does not understand bisexuals at all.... all I can say is.... it's all about the love. She has her type of woman, I have my type, other people have their type, they may not all be the same type, Blondes, fem, butch, post-op, gingers, Japanese, geek, pop-tart, metal-head, air-head whatever! Love is love and as long as people are loving and not hating, it's all that should matter.

As for Atheism, I have asked Oli, that if I ever start believing he should have me committed, no conversion or seeing the light for me thanks.