Monday, 6 February 2012

An informal CV

An informal CV

My name is Claire Smith and I love to learn, and love to share it with others too. What I am looking for is for someone to invest in me, to nurture and direct my talents. If I can be taught something new, I will be up for it. If I can be involved in cool projects and have a go at working solo, I will be up for that too. I get told all the time I am approachable, and I see this when I talk to new people.

I have a wish that I can teach others so that they can share in my enthusiasm for scientific topics. I do it now to a degree; I am STEM Ambassador and will find ways of keeping technical topics fun and interesting for anyone who will listen, I explained special relativity to my Nan once, with the aid of pictures on an envelope and balled up gloves.
My body is fragile, and I only really work at a proper pace between 12pm and 4pm most days (I have a certain amount of energy to use each day and can horde it for a longer day).
Before 2006 I was working four different types of youth work and play work jobs and had a decent social life too, now that I can not do this amount of work, I now know that it is more important to create quality work.

I am still learning how to use my body, to get the most out of it; it’s like a new life that still has L-plates on it!

I love doing my Open University degree, no lectures at nine in the morning and using energy I have on work instead of getting dressed suites me fine, but there is something missing from all of this.
I don’t get to talk about the subjects with other students over coffee, I don’t get to speak to professors about their latest books, I think this means I don’t get to take part in life as it goes on.

My social life in Manchester is pretty good, besides my small group of friends, I have taken part in Greater Manchester Skeptics events, and I once delivered a small soapbox rant on the “cure alls for fibromyalgia”.  I have volunteered for Manchester Girl Geeks, and will probably do it again soon.

I want to continue with my degree, quantum physics and its branches fascinate me and I study mostly out of joy for the subject. I want to continue to volunteer but I really want some paid work, I want to contribute but worry with my lack of work experience in this current climate will mean I will have no chance of getting work, (I hate seeing my sister working in a call centre, they’re hell, I know, when she should be starting her career after graduating) that the words “reasonable adjustments” will send employers running of the other direction.

The best thing about me, if I do say so myself, is that my health is improving year after year as I get a handle on my body. This means that with long term employment, a supportive environment and plenty of understanding an employer will get an amazing, hard working, always improving Claire.