Friday, 15 May 2009

What's the point in raising awareness!?

I have tried really hard this year to raise awareness, I have 126 "friends" on facebook, a handful on twitter. I asked who cared about FMS, emotionally blackmailing people into noticing upset me. Only 14 people anwsered to the question and the quiz, none of them family. So where am I going wrong? Is it because I am an average jo? Is it because I go on about it all the time? Is it because no one cares about sick people, or understands? Is it because it's not relavent to them?
People prefer commenting on things they can identify with, and being ill or having FMS may not be one of those things. A "friend" asked me what FMS was......... how can a person who knows me, not know about fms? It upset me because I spend time asking "How are you?" How are your family?" To realise what's the point in having selfish people around who want you to reply to their commentry but will not care about replying to yours.

*sad Claire who needs a cookie*

Monday, 11 May 2009

FMS Quiz 11-05-09

Fibromyalgia quiz

1. What does the word fibromyalgia mean (fibro-my-algia)?

2. How many fibromyalgia tender points are there?

3. Name 5 (or as many as you can) symptoms of fibromyalgia (there are more than 5)

4. Name 3 (or as many as you can) pre-existing conditions that can lead to fibromyalgia

5. How many people may be affected with fibromyalgia in the UK?

6. What sex is more likely to have fibromyalgia (extra point for getting the ratios)

7. Name 5 (or as many as you can) physiological/anatomical differences between healthy people and people with fibromyalgia

8. When is the UK fibromyalgia awareness week?

9. Name 3 medications and 3 treatments that are used to help people with fibromyalgia.

10. What can you do to support people with fibromyalgia? (The best ideas get a prize)

Did you get to the end? Unsure of anything? Then you can CHEAT! I don't mind, go look it up seriously ;)