Monday, 11 May 2009

FMS Quiz 11-05-09

Fibromyalgia quiz

1. What does the word fibromyalgia mean (fibro-my-algia)?

2. How many fibromyalgia tender points are there?

3. Name 5 (or as many as you can) symptoms of fibromyalgia (there are more than 5)

4. Name 3 (or as many as you can) pre-existing conditions that can lead to fibromyalgia

5. How many people may be affected with fibromyalgia in the UK?

6. What sex is more likely to have fibromyalgia (extra point for getting the ratios)

7. Name 5 (or as many as you can) physiological/anatomical differences between healthy people and people with fibromyalgia

8. When is the UK fibromyalgia awareness week?

9. Name 3 medications and 3 treatments that are used to help people with fibromyalgia.

10. What can you do to support people with fibromyalgia? (The best ideas get a prize)

Did you get to the end? Unsure of anything? Then you can CHEAT! I don't mind, go look it up seriously ;)


Death_pixie727 said...


1. muscle and joint pain
2. 18
3. fatigue, joint stiffness, joint pain, muscle pain and ermmmmm......... heads aches
4. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, hypothyroidism
5. one in 50
6. women, no idea, guess 8:1
7. ffs central nervous system, growth hornmone levels, i have no idea, daery me this aint goin well.
8. this week
9. Osteopathic manipulative therapy , physical therapy, massage, analgesics, antidepressants, Anti-seizure medication
10. you mean other than getting a slave? well Lend a helping hand, do fun things, ask if anything needs doing, still agree with a slave, sexual or otherwise lol or just send martin to beat up oli if he annoys you lol.

Death_pixie727 said...

finnally it f***ing worked

Anonymous said...

1. Pain in muscles and fibro-tissue.

2. 18.

3. (1) Widespread Pain. (2) Allodynia or painful response to touch. (3) Brain Fog (poetic word). (4) Photo Sensitivity. (5) Stiffness or spasms in muscles or ligaments. (6) Anxiety & Depression. (7) Dry skin & eyes.

4. Join pains in childhood. Serotonin deficiency in nervous system, spinal fluid imbalance that transmits pain signals. This is a tough one. Tried Google but the conditions just seem to be a milder form of the ones in (3).

5. 1 in 10 women in the UK. Lesser in men.

6. See above though that's not an accurate answer.

7. I don't know :-(

8. 7 - 13 September 2009.

9. Analgesics & antidepressants, drugs to induce Dopamine Receptors (chocolate does that too), application of heat to painful areas, massage therapy (though massage is always only short-term relief).

10. Be there with hugs, help, chocolate, whatever, texts.

oli said...

1. fibrous tissue and muscle pain

2. 21, of which you have 18

3. chronic pain, chronic fatigue, mindfog, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, grumpiness (when flaring).

4. hypermobility, sleep disorders, genetic link

5. anywhere between 2 to 5% of the population, so around 2 million-ish

6. women, 100 to 1

7. sensitivity to heat, sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to light, mindfog, trouble sleeping

8. right now

9. Pregablin, co-codamol, Tramadol, physiontherapy, massage, warm water therapy.

10. Hugs (gentle), rubs (gentle), hot water bottles, not thumping them or playing rough, being aware of possible limits to stamina, help them keep spirits up by cheering them up when they are flaring. Generally realising that they might not be able to get up and party when the fibro is bad. Do heavy lifitng for them to preserve spoons (i.e. carry fibro-gals bags while shopping, and she'll most likely be fine, even by the time she gets home, make her carry them herself and she might get knackered half way round).

Chronically Claire said...

I like the physiontherpay! But I don't think I personally need it