Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bitten by the blog's another.

I love my Dr's! A lot of people rant about how their doctors are pants.....I have been looking after myself pretty well with advice from the intertubes and also pop along to the Dr's. Their advice is SPOT ON everytime, they give me good advice and they refer me where needed (I have been refered for 2 lots of CBT, and now going to see ALFA All of the Dr's there have been super stars....If you live near me ask if they are still taking on (which is think they are)

This is there address and phone is here


Anonymous said...

Really glad to to hear that! I'm on of those that rant about Drs. I have been very ill-treated in recent years. My Dr refuses point blank to give me what I need and asked for £50 to write letters when I claimed compensation for lasting injuries after I was attacked. As a result I received nothing because I couldn't afford the £50. He also refuses to refer me to physiotherapy so I have a constantly aching leg and really bad back which prevents me from travelling too much and weak eye-sight and there's nothing I can do about it. Mind you, this is Barking so one would expect as much.

Chronically Claire said...

You really need to move sweet (to my street!) You don't deserve to have that treatment. XXX

Anonymous said...

The question is not whether I'm going up the question is when the time will come. It will come soon God-willing!