Thursday, 30 April 2009

Parcel Force Forced Parcel Pain! Contains A Swear!

Damn it, I sent a letter of complaint about this rude guy who saw I could barely stand up (bad knees day) then proceeded to hand me a parcel in my left hand (weak) which I dropped and swore (motherfucker!) Here's the letter anyway.

Hello, I have just had a package delivered (10.30am) and the delivery man was extremely thoughtless. He buzzed the flat repeatedly when I could not get there quick enough to answer him, I signed for it having to lean against the wall to do so as I use a walking stick in my right hand and also write with that hand. Then, after he watched me struggle because I could not support myself without my stick, he handed me the package (of 4+ books) in my left hand and promptly turned and left. I had to drop the package as it was too heavy for me to hold in the one hand, I swore, quite loudly as it really hurt me. He could have placed it on the floor for me seeing that I was struggling. This man was very impolite and thoughtless and caused me pain. All I'd like this time is an apology from yourselves and the delivery man and something to cheer my flat up now that I can't leave it today while my left wrist and arm recover and shoulder recover. (I’d gladly talk specifics about my disability if you need to.)

Typing one handed,
Claire Smith

This guy has really pissed me off with his ignorance and uncaring attitude. Disabled-Hater or ignorant git? Either way, that's no excuse for not being a decent human being.

These things I assume:

These conditions are not my fault.

These conditions don't get in MY way. (Proved by acheivements, my motivation and the love I give to other people.)

I may have days where I am limited to do one thing but the sky's the limit for everything else.

UPDATE: I have had a reply and an apology from the customer service people, they are going to contact the local depot (which is up the road from me) and see what they say.


Anonymous said...

What a totally careless idiot this man must be. Few people have seen me angry but he would've got a right verbal bollocking from me if I'd been there. He doesn't even know how to treat a lady. I'm so angry and surprised he didn't help when you dropped the parcel. It's a natural human instinct for crying out loud. Whatever happened to respect and courteously? I really hope the office reply sufficiently and efficiently.

Death_pixie727 said...

Where did you send the letter of complaint to? I should be able to help after all they are appart of royal mail.

Death_pixie727 said...

Chronically Claire said...

I sent them an email, said they'd pass it to our local office, heard nothing yet so will ask again when I have the time.