Friday, 15 May 2009

What's the point in raising awareness!?

I have tried really hard this year to raise awareness, I have 126 "friends" on facebook, a handful on twitter. I asked who cared about FMS, emotionally blackmailing people into noticing upset me. Only 14 people anwsered to the question and the quiz, none of them family. So where am I going wrong? Is it because I am an average jo? Is it because I go on about it all the time? Is it because no one cares about sick people, or understands? Is it because it's not relavent to them?
People prefer commenting on things they can identify with, and being ill or having FMS may not be one of those things. A "friend" asked me what FMS was......... how can a person who knows me, not know about fms? It upset me because I spend time asking "How are you?" How are your family?" To realise what's the point in having selfish people around who want you to reply to their commentry but will not care about replying to yours.

*sad Claire who needs a cookie*


Brendan said...

Hi Claire, I noticed your comments about no one speaking up about FMS and thought I'd post.
I personally don't know much at all about your illness although I very much enjoy the rare occasions when I get to spend time with you and Olly.
It's probably true that you don't know much about my life either and perhaps if we made more time for each other and hung out more then that would change.
I've been subscribed to your blog for a very long time and I read every post and I always take the time to read your comments on facebook. I would love if me and Laura and you and Olly could spend more time together and that should be enough to let you know that we're here for you and we care.

Chronically Claire said...

It would be lovely to see you and Laura, name your time n place :D

This has never been about me, I know I am plenty cared for by a lot of people. Raising awareness for FMS is a big deal for me since a lot of people don't know what it is, or care enough to learn. About 2 million people in the UK have FMS (1 in 50) And awareness can help people with FMS have better lives.
It's even closer to my heart because my dad has it too and one doctor told him quite recently that it was all in his head, and he was undiagnosed for 14 years.

(I know a fair bit about other illnesses like Lupus, M.E [I can just about pronoucne it too!] and conditions)

be_aware said...

Hi Claire!I agree so much with you..Most people are selfish..But since i ve been diagnosed with fms I try to find people who deal with the same issues(even in diff countries lool)All we "fmers"can support each other!!If you like visit my blogs anh I hope to keep in touch!

Rehan Qayoom said...

Here, have a cookie.

Rehan Qayoom said...

Here, have a cookie Claire.