Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Blog from 2006

On the 6th of May I was in hospital with my back, I pulled some deep muscles, not bending form the Knees tut tut (heehee!) and at first I was having mucho fun with the drugs up until now! My memory is .... well, getting a bit swiss chesseed! So I am a little grumpy about it and I am forgetting things like how to spell words, use grammer and speak! Using phrases more often than I do, cos I am a bit of a muppet, like "pass us the thing that does stuff" "what have I come in here for" "what time did I take my tablets" and "where did I put my sanity!" wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

But other than that I am ok :P sorry for the moan but I needed that. I have another blog on my msn space but u gota be on my messenger to read it! so if I like thee, thoust may see it! ooer

ta-ra la xxxx

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