Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Morning. Today is going to be a fun day, with all the footy fans in Manchester atm Siobhan is finishing work early and has decided that we should go out in town, which will be very fun. We are both big people watchers, (I am personally looking out for fit ones with breasts!) but you know it's gona be amusing. And she has a 241 vouchers for Old Orleans in the Printworks ;)

I also need to pick up a plastic shovel or summit similar (probably go the charity shop in Chorlton) just to pick up Denny's poops and clean his cage.

I had Denny (Denethor II, Steward of Gondor Gizmo Crane Smith) on my tum last night snuggled in my hands, was unbelievably cute and stroking him is very relaxing, I nearly fell asleep. I still haven't taken him the vets, his brother has a skin condition, which I think he has too, I need someone to go with me cos it's a bit too much for me for to carry him there and back and the cost of course.

The thing being, I look so normal (and since my photoshoot a little hot, oh yeah!) but I ache all over. I mean, just now I got shoulder ache, back ache, headache, tummy ache, skin prickles in my hands, and feeling exhausted! I did sleep better, had a relax with Denny before hand really helped.

Oli fell asleep on me when we got into bed which was really nice, calmed me. So feeling better than I would normally in a morning.

Trying not to think of my lack of money, after finishing paying my bills (and not all of them) I have nothing left, I got a choice between paying bills and Oli's present. It's stressful but I can't let it get to me. May leave it for another 2 weeks, the exhibit we want ot see runs until 29th June anyway. I am hoping to hear from the DLA ppl but I know that takes sooo long.

Well I will update after my lengthy day.

My favourite siumple thing this mornin has been taking to Tak, he's handsome and single girls!


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