Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hospital again

I was in A&E today, was walking form the Asda to Hulme, which I usually do on a Wednesday for my cognative behaviour therapy session and then all of a sudden I felt a raging heat from my body and severe pain, i could barely walk and cried all the way to the Zion Centre, where I got in and told the workers I was in agony. I called my Dr's...half day....called the out of hours...couldnt get me transport til 7pm (it was 3pm)Called an Ambulance and the paramedics were 2 ladies who were ace!!! Had Gas and Air, hated that! And waitied 2 hours to be seen, they gave me Tramodol and sent me home (with a prescription for more) and here I am all smooshy. With lovely flowers from Oli and some chocolate and a hot water bottle I got more care at home than I did at the hospital, at home with Oli I am a person (and Geth too, he's pretty good at keeping me in Choccy). Oli's a star. I think I have told him a stupid amount of times how much I love him today and wrote him a really shit poem on a post it note too!

Nights x

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Anonymous said...

As one of Woodward's patients, sick, and sore,
I puke, I nauseate, - yet he thrusts in more: