Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The cost of medication

I got a really sore throat today, means I got to go back the Doctors cos the lozengers, (tasty as they are) aren't working. I was there today, sorting out more pain relief, got more pills for period pain but it's good news, my Dr said I can take my contraceptive pill non stop for 3 months which means no more periods during that period. Which means less pain for me and less cost in painkillers.
My doseage goes up when I get my period, my Dr said that woman with FMS tend to have bad periods (reasons unknown!!!)
I am so worried about the cost of the pills, it's £7.10 for a prescription, my list of Medication is now:

A month:
total: £28.40

3 months:
2 inhalers
Pill (it's free until I am 25!)
New anti inflams
total £21.30

A yearly total of: £426

(Correct it if it's wrong)

I have applied to see what help we can get, we get a little, but not with prescriptions even though I don't work and we are on a low income.

Hopefully it will be sorted, hopefully I don't have to fight with the DLA over how my body works. Hopefully I get the middle/higher rate I deserve.

For those who have physically spent time with me know that I really struggle, I walk at a snails pace even with Letty (my walking stick) I rub all my painful parts, parts of me just "go". I can't stay out for long (nowhere seems to have comfortable seating!). I have to sit down regularly. I get dizzy, I wobble and almost fall over! So send me your "good lucks" I need 'em!

Hugs for my 2 readers!

Claire x


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! The cost of all those meds is frankly disgusting. You deserve to get the benefits you deserve after all what else do they mean by Social Security!?

Chronically Claire said...

Thanks sweet.

Chris said...

Thank you for reminding me I need to blog more than I do at the moment. Keep on keeping on my hot little redhead.

By the way, isn't it about time you pimped ME out on here? Not only am I a catch, I'm The Revelation damnit. ;)