Thursday, 15 May 2008

messy manchester

Afternoon all. (Well to the one person who reads this!)

I met Siobhan yesterday and we had a blast,

Started out on the bus, got to Oxford road and there was a dribble of fans in football shirts,

Got to the student union and there were a little more, got to Oxford road station, there was a lot, turned into St Peter's square and it was HEAVING! Lots of people amost getting run over. (later to be the same ppl getting run over!)

I got to Piccadilly gardens and headed over to Siobhan's work (Top of Portland street nr Tesco's) and waited for here, the entrance being kept clear by their security guards but they let me wait. Me and Siobhan headed down the back avoiding Piccadilly Gardens nd went for a coffee in Six Pack Deli, who were very nice and it was quite empty as there was no Alcohol being served, I took some interesting pictures from there, one of Siobhan that she'll kill me if I put up, but I think she looks really nice on it!

So we finished our cold latté’s and headed over towards the Printworks to get something to eat at Old Orleans, we had a giggle and a good old natter there. While I was waiting at the bar (while Siobhan had nipped off) I got chatting to a Rangers fan who was a huge Corrie fan too, he did a great impression of Ashley from Corrie, I think his name was Ashley, he started talking to me, said I looked like his wife Claire (which is not the 1st time I've heard that!) He laughed when I told him my name.

When we went outside after our meals, we wanted to see if we could get into a fan zone (HA! fat chance!) we wondered down to Piccadilly gardens, Siobhan had a plan, they had a big TV in her office! So we headed over to her office. There was no one but us there, and we ate munchies as we tried to fix the freeview, the signal for itv1 was so poor.

Then BING!

I had an idea; we could watch it on the interwebs. And that we did, with an ear phone each!!!

After the match, (I was so shocked at the last goal omg! and more annoyed at the 1st as I knew there would be loads of annoyed fans.) we headed outside, played hope the doors shut and no one goes in! We almost failed!

After that I walked to the coach station and got my bus round the corner. That’s when it got bad. A lady didn’t hear the bus driver change his route (111 to 85!) so he argued with her until we got round the corner on Canal Street. Then as we turned toward Oxford Road the bus couldn’t turn the corner because of another bus, he shouted at the driver. Then as he FINALLY got to turn some idiot on a bike (push) went zooming past and we nearly crashed then seconds later a couple nearly eat the front of our bus as they walked out between 2 buses on the opposite side!!!!

By this time our driver (Gonzalez…Speedy) was pretty riled up, we got too oxford road opposite the Spar and some guy walked out in front of the bus. So the bus driver got out of his seat and yelled at him, and the guy threatened him with a bottle, TWICE! The guy chased the bus, I was petrified, wasn’t quick enough to get any of it on my phone though.

The stop before mine, some guy had a go at the driver for not letting him off, the guy was off his face, was swearing at the back previously on some drug fuelled tourettes rant, and he got up after all the people were off the bus for that stop! I got up quickly and spoke to the driver. Asked him if he was going home after what had happened. He said, he was told to go back round again, he said he hated his job and couldn’t wait to leave. I told him it was really unfair that he was being treated that way and I hoped it got a little better for him. He thanked me; I hope he had vented enough so the other passengers weren’t in any danger!!! I was happy to get off the bus though, he was driving quite quickly!

Got to the door and a text from Siobhan, we’d just missed a riot!

Then I got home, hot water bottle waiting for me (I really do Love Oli) and chatted about my eventful day!

Slept like a LOG on the drugs I took before I went to bed cos after that day I was ACHING so badly. Had a nap as well today, which was thankfully uneventful, went the Morrison’s oooh!

And now I have to finish as Oli wants his computer back!!!

Loves and stuffs.


Bron said...

good god!
I'm glad I just went straight home from work!

Anonymous said...

I bumped into crowds of fans too, nothing as eventful as your day though. Fancy chatting to the bus driver, Claire cares!

Love your blogs, keep it up!

Chronically Claire said...

Was scary, glad you got home tho B.
I always chat to ppl!!! I love talking to ppl on the bus lol!