Sunday, 1 June 2008

Oh poor sickly me!

Was at the Doctors on Friday getting antibiotics, as well as the money I have just spent on the Tramodol, means I am spending ALOT! Luckily I discovered a pre-payment certificate which means I am spending £102 a year rather than £400. ;)

I am still really poorly though, and my skin itches from the Tramadol.

I was chatting ot my friend Lita on the phone ( I miss her but we are gona meet up soon!) I had to cut it short cos I nearly threw up!

Can't wait for this infection t go, the new painkillers are working wonders for me :D

Loves and hugs to all xxxx

How to save money on Prescriptions: Get a recepit FP57 if you are unsure if you qualify for help with costs.
Send off for a HC1 form you maybe entitled to even a small discount

And if you buy more than 3 items in 3 months it is worth getting a Pre-Pay Certificate. (I have just saved £324)

Check out this link
To see if you can get FREE prescriptions

If you are unsure apply anyway, but always get your FP57.

Claire x

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Anonymous said...

These meds will do you good. Glad to hear you're saving money as well.