Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Irralevent breasts and drag artists!

Hurrah, I finally got some of my DLA, I have paid most my bills off, and I can finally get my bro and dad presents and not feel worried I never get them anything! I only got the Care component and have asked them to look at my Mobility part again. My Rheumo, Dr Sanders, is looking into my MRI I had last year looking to rule out Sacroiliitis (inflamation of the Sacroiliac joint) and Ankylosing Spondylitis [claire: Ankylosaurus Spongebobitis) (A form of Arthritis that effects the Sacroiliac Joints and the spine.)

So fingers x'ed I get the results quite soon.

On another weird and wonderful note. As I was walking from the bus stop home after my Dr's appt today and I guy asked me about Letty, I said I get severe pain in my leg but am waiting to find out what it is. (having to explain Fibromyalgia is hard normally) But this guy was wearing full army gear, desert camo, helmet and backpack!. He said he does a drag act and "wanted to be gay" I asked him if he had a boyf, he doesn't but his g/f's a prostitute who steals his money!

Then after I told him to take care of himself and think about getting a new girlfriend, I walked slowly home, making sure he didn't see where I live!

Tonight I am looking forward to take out with Geth, missing Oli cos he is away in London for work, and doubling up on my Lyrica! (I Lycra girl!)


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Anonymous said...

Have Fun! You deserve it.