Monday, 21 September 2009

Studying, extensions and headaches

I have been studying for a while now and really loving it. It has been hard but I am almost done with my science course and have a maths short course that finishes soon too. The hardest thing about it is that I am so delicate, anything can flare my FMS.
I started on Gabapentin the end of July because it was cheaper the doctor said. I should have twigged, I am a lady with expensive tastes, no cheap jewels, no cheap foods and no cheap clothes ('cos they fit badly) and certainly no cheap meds.

Studying is still a lot harder than it has been for a while, not becuase the work is harder but because I am weaker.

It's not a word I like to use but it seems that being ill has really knocked me for six.

So I am putting the study on hold after January, I don't want to but I have to. Maybe I will pick up another small course (Maths maybe, or a residential, even some sciencey voluntary work) but I want to be swimming 3 times a week and toning my body (because I have joint hypermobility too) plus getting back to some improv (sure Bron would appreciate the plug!) Because I have limited energy I can't have an active social life AND study.

Part time life is something I am slowly coming round to, semi-retired at 22 isn't such a bad thing considering what I have acheived in the last 3 years, moving to a new city, new job (lost job!) and university level study maths and science and a long-term relationship AND a guinea pig.

Thinks (that typo is for Laura B) are looking up, then down, then back up again with a general upwards trend!
So for now, study hard until October when I have my science ECA due in, study-light until January (for my Maths course) Then my time is my own to get all fit and til September when I return to studying with renewed vigour.

(All typos brought to you by my new laptop keyboard!)

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