Monday, 10 August 2009

Small World

Well, facebook is making the world shrink......... I would love to hear your stories of small world meetings. My own, for some strange reason link to one friend in particular! Out for my 21st, I met Jeff in the Krazyhouse in 2005, turns out he was Walton born and bread so we knew the same people, but did not know each other! Now a friend of his also knows my cousin..... massive coincidences and a very small world.... do you have better stories?


Rehan Qayoom said...

I have lots of similar stories. They are more abuundant in artist types because they are more sensitive/cognitive of such things. Mine are scattered throughout dozens of blog comments and 18 years worth of journal-keeping.

oli said...

I've got a couple of people added who also know all my old school friends and when they added me said things like "Wow, fancy seeing you on here" and "Hey oli, long time no see".

And yet i have no idea who they might be.